Internships and Cooperative Opportunities


The School of Biological Sciences' Internship Program

The School of Biological Sciences has created an internship program specifically for Biology majors. These opportunities are with local government, academia, and industry groups and will provide each intern with direct, hands-on experience in how a Biology degree can be used to obtain employment upon graduation. Current partnerships exist with the CDC, Georgia Tech’s Environmental Health and Safety, the Army Defense Forensic Science Center, GTRI Occupational Safety and Health Programs, Zoo Atlanta, local biotechnology companies, and Sustainable Aquatics. Internships can be registered for either Biology breadth elective credit (BIOL 4695) or for audit/pay (BIOL 4694) during Phase 1 or Phase 2 registration. New opportunities will be posted as they become available via the weekly Advising Update. In certain cases, you can register an internship that you identify on your own for credit, even if the internship is not currently part of the Biology internship program. For questions about the internship positions, contact Dr. Emily Weigel.


The Institute's Cooperative and Internship Programs

Cooperative Education, or "Co-op," is a unique partnership among employers, students and the university whereby students work in paid, planned and supervised work experiences in business, industry, education, and government while earning academic credit.  Georgia Tech's Cooperative Education Program is a five-year academic program in which students alternate semesters as a full-time student with semesters of full-time work.  In addition to providing experiences outside of academia, the Co-op program can provide the student with full-time research work within a Georgia Tech faculty member’s lab if the faculty member is agreeable.

Biology majors participating in the Co-op program must plan course schedules very carefully, since courses required for a degree in Biology may not always be offered during the at-school semester.  This will be more of a problem when the at-school semester occurs during the summer semester.

The Undergraduate Professional Internship (UPI) Program provides practical work experience in a professional setting, on-campus or off-campus, related to the student's field of study. Internships are a partnership among students, employers, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Internships are single-semester, paid, major-related work experiences designed to help students understand the "real world" applications of their academic studies. Opportunities are available during summer, fall, and spring semesters and require a commitment of full-time employment for a minimum of 18 weeks during the spring and fall semesters or 12 weeks during the summer semester.  To contact the UPI office, email

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