TA Experience

The School of Biological Sciences offers positions for part-time work as laboratory or lecture teaching assistants in the fall and spring semesters.  These positions have several requirements and are competitive.  To be eligible for a TA position, you must have already taken at Georgia Tech the course you will teach and received an A or B, you must be at ease in front of a class, and you must submit an application for the position.  You will enroll in two teaching preparatory courses, BIOL 4697 and CETL 2000 BIO, in your first semester as a teaching assistant. BIOL 4697 counts as a biology breadth elective. An experienced undergraduate TA can apply for paid teaching assistant positions when they are available. You may use a maximum of 6 credit of BIOL 4697 as biology breadth electives. Each semester of teaching corresponds to a different course assignment.  For more information, contact Dr. Chrissy Spencer.

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