Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get directions to campus?
Go to our directions page for directions to campus and information on parking for visitors.
What is there to do in Atlanta?
Much more than we can describe here! Information about Atlanta can be found on Georgia Tech's visitors page.
Can I major in pre-med through the School of Biological Sciences?
The School of Biological Sciences does not offer a “pre-med” degree program. However, our core curriculum for the B.S. in Biology meets all medical school entrance requirements, so Biology majors do not have to take any extra coursework to qualify for medical school admission. Please see our Pre-Med Rescue page for useful information and links for pre-med students.
How do I request an application?
Graduate applications are available online.
Criteria for admission to Biology graduate programs are available for download in Adobe PDF format.
Undergraduate admissions for freshmen are handled by the central Undergraduate Admissions office. Undergraduate transfer admissions should go to http://www.transfer.gatech.edu.
What are the criteria for graduate school acceptance?
Please download this PDF file.
I’m thinking of transferring to Georgia Tech from my current school. What do I need to do?
Information on undergraduate transfer admissions is available online. Please be aware that not all the credits from your current school may transfer to Georgia Tech. You can see how or if your courses will transfer on the Transfer Equivalency Table. Introductory science courses for non-science majors will not transfer or will transfer only as free electives.
A student conducts research

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