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A magnified view of the "branchy structure" found in snowflake yeast (Image: Will Ratcliff)

A new study led by Peter Yunker and Will Ratcliff probes the evolution of multicellular organisms and overturns decades-long theories about early cell specialization and division of labor

Divers preparing the autonomous benthic lander vehicle developed by Georgia Tech's Martial Taillefert during exploration of the Gulf of Mexico's "blue holes." (Photo Florida Atlantic University)

Georgia Tech alumna, professor continue explorations of offshore Gulf Coast sinkholes

Dino Store game

Students working in the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center and Quantitative Biosciences Graduate Program created two video games as part of a major independent game design event to help stem the spread of Covid-19.

NSF Grant Awarded to Advance Recruitment of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Ph.D. Pipeline

College of Engineering and College of Sciences leverage grant to drive diversity across all graduate programs