5 Year BS/MS Programs

The School of Biological Sciences offers two 5-year BS/MS programs:

The 5-year combined Bachelors and Masters of Science program in Biology (BSBIO/MSBIO) is a prestigious opportunity for top Biology undergraduate students to earn a Masters degree in as little as one year to increase competitiveness and starting salary for Biology-related jobs. This 5-year program can serve as bridge training to eventual medical, professional, or doctoral program admission because students gain a research specialization, develop a project that may lead to publication in the primary scientific literature, and complete advanced scientific coursework that contributes toward content knowledge and their science GPA.

The 5-year combined BS/MS program in Biology/Bioinformatics (BSBIO/MSBINF) is a prestigious opportunity for top Biology undergraduates.  The 5-year combined BSBIO/MSBINF provides a MS degree in as little as one year for advanced, highly-qualified Biology undergraduate students interested in careers in computational biology and genomics. The program will enable students who otherwise might not get a Master’s degree to compete better on the job market.  The BSBIO/MSBINF program addresses a growing demand for scientists who can manage and analyze high-throughput biological data. Students who complete the 5-year program would save substantially on the tuition cost of the MS Bioinformatics program, by being enrolled for only 2 semesters rather than 3 or 4 semesters. The BSBIO/MSBINF is also a very good opportunity for students who want to build a gap year into their academic program after they graduate with their BS but before starting medical or professional school.