Lab Manager

This position will provide technical support services to multiple College of Sciences undergraduate laboratory courses located in both the Boggs building and Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. These services will include the setup/configuration, calibration, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and cleaning of a wide range of laboratory equipment, which may include chromatographs, spectrometers, lasers, electronics associated with data acquisition, oscilloscopes, microscopes, cameras, and other instruments as needed. The position will order and maintain a stock of supplies/consumables to support the operation of the laboratory instruments it is working with and ensure that equipment is available and ready for use in scheduled laboratory experiments. The position requires a good working knowledge of desktop computers. Experience with interfacing using LabView would be beneficial. Experience with the design, construction and maintenance of laboratory electronics would also be beneficial.

You can apply by going to and selecting internal or external applicants as appropriate and following the relevant instructions. You will need to search for position number 220482