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Samples of portions of the coronavirus (the petri dishes on the right) in a Georgia Tech lab refrigerator. (Photo Jennifer Leavey)

School of Biological Sciences undergrads will (safely) study and genetically sequence antibodies to the coronavirus as part of their course work

Georgia Tech Astrobiology

The ExplOrigins group shares research, makes connections, and reaches out to early career scientists and others who are interested in work related to how life began on Earth — and where it might also exist in our cosmos.

Image: Ocean Visions

Led by Emanuele Di Lorenzo, the new partnership seeks to develop and deploy ocean-based technologies that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ocean to reverse the impacts of climate change.

A magnified view of the "branchy structure" found in snowflake yeast (Image: Will Ratcliff)

A new study led by Peter Yunker and Will Ratcliff probes the evolution of multicellular organisms and provides new insight into decades-long theories about early cell specialization and division of labor

Upcoming Events

The SCMB's virtual forum for discussing the latest news from the intersection of math and biology is set for Dec. 7-10, 2020.
SCMB will host its 3rd Annual Symposium as a free online event to focus on "Interactional Expertise" in math/bio collaborations
28 to 29
A conference, presented virtually in 2021, for faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and grad students
09 to 14
The conference brings the astrobiology community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future.