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As a graduate student in the School of Biological Sciences, you are responsible for your overall program of study and your progress toward the degree. You will be advised throughout your graduate career by your thesis advisor and thesis committee, as well as by any other faculty you wish to consult.

Upon admission, you will be assigned an advisor who will work with you in selecting courses and planning your initial curriculum. This advisor may or may not become your primary thesis advisor. You may use your first year to explore research opportunities in the department, but you must select a primary advisor no later than the end of one year in residence. Your primary advisor must agree to act in that capacity and will be responsible for providing lab space to support your research. You may change advisors at any time and for any reason, but you must have a primary advisor at all times after the end of your first year in the program in order to remain in good standing.

General Advisor
  • Chung Kim,
    Academic Program Coordinator
    Email | 404.385.4240 | EBB 2009

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