Meet ScienceMatters Winner Nabojeet Das

First-year biology major wins quiz 8 of ScienceMatters Season 3

November 14, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

First-year biology major Nabojeet Das has won quiz 8 of ScienceMatters Season 3.

Nabojeet is a first-year biology major from Tucker, Georgia. He says he chose to attend Georgia Tech because "it was closest to home and my cute Shih-Tzu, Zoey," shown with Nabojeet at right. 

Although not yet engaged in research, Nabojeet currently has a federal work-study job as a student assistant in the Histology Core Lab of the Parker H. Petit Institue of Bioengineering and Bioscience. Outside of academics, Nabojeet enjoys spending time with friends and politics. He is a member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at Georgia Tech and serves as an ambassador for the Explore LLC (Living Learning Community).

Nabojeet usually listens to ScienceMatters when working alone or during his commute. "I love the podcast," he says. "It blows my mind thinking about the global impact of professors – with whom I will eventually take classes –  have made."

In addition, Nabojeet notes that ScienceMatters episodes are "not very long, which makes it super easy to fit into my schedule."  

The quiz question for episode 8 was: What nutrient is pulled out of the air by plants thanks to microbes?

The correct answer is nitrogen. 

Join the Quiz for Episode 9

Episode 9 features James "JC" Gumbart, an associate professor in the School of Physics, and his use of molecular dynamics simulations to chart the possible paths of molecules like proteins in hopes of finding solutions to problems like antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Here’s the quiz question for episode 9:

What is the term for abnormal protein buildups in the brain?

Submit answer by 5 PM on Monday, Nov 18.

Periodic table t-shirts, must-have beaker mugs, and textured posters perfect for dorm rooms are among the prizes offered to those who are picked at random from all submitting correct answers. Look for the challenge during each week’s new episode, dropping on Tuesdays from Sept. 17 to Nov. 19.