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Jessica Kilpatrick is a graduating with a degree in psychology and a minor in health and medical sciences.

Kilpatrick, who is graduating with a degree in psychology and minor in health and medical sciences, shares that her path to a top-rated physician assistant program has been all about balancing academics and her own health — plus GT Football memories.

Yassin Watson is a graduating student with dual degrees in biology and industrial engineering, plus dual minors in social justice and physiology.

Watson, who is graduating with dual degrees in biology and industrial engineering, and minors in social justice and physiology, shares six years of adventures at Tech and exploring biology, engineering, health and wellness, and outer space.

SGA Executives 2021-22

Samuel Ellis and Ajanta Choudhury will helm the undergraduate SGA, while Stephen Eick and PJ Jarquin will do so for the graduate one.

Simone Anderson is a second-year biology student from Alpharetta, Georgia.

Simone Anderson and Grace Ahn discuss their transfer process to campus, getting accustomed to Georgia Tech, and a few tips, lessons, and pieces of advice for fellow transfer students.

Upcoming Events

15 to 20
The conference brings the astrobiology community together every two years to share research, collaborate, and plan for the future.


  • Faculty
    Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection
    The Center for Microbial Dynamics and Infection (CMDI) is an interdisciplinary collaboration at Georgia Tech seeking to understand the ecology, interactions and evolution of microbes. We are focused on the understanding microbe-microbe and microbe-host interactions that are relevant to human health, ecosystem dynamics and sustainability.
  • Faculty
    Center for the Study of Systems Biology
    Recognized by most experts in the field as the future of biology, Systems Biology seeks to understand how complex living systems interact with each other so that we can diagnose and treat disorders such as cancer.
  • Faculty
    Aquatic Chemical Ecology Center
    At Georgia Tech we have organized a diverse group of ecologists, chemists, sensory biologists, engineers, and quantitative modelers, to focus on chemical cues that many organisms use for to make basic survival decisions.
  • Faculty
    Center for Biologically Inspired Design
    CBID is an interdisciplinary center for research and development of design solutions that occur in biological processes.
  • Faculty
    Center for Integrative Genomics
    The Center for Integrative Genomics at Georgia Tech is a virtual affiliation of researchers interested in the application of genome-wide research strategies to diverse biological themes.
  • Gradiate
    Integrated Cancer Research Center
    The mission of the ICRC is to facilitate integration of the diversity of technological, computational, scientific and medical expertise at Georgia Tech and partner institutions in a coordinated effort to develop improved cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Faculty
    Center for NanoMAD
    Our mission is to develop new technologies for detecting, monitoring and controlling self-assembled macromolecular complexes at various levels, including their pathogenic consequences, biological roles and evolutionary origins.