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Andrew Schulz

New Georgia Tech research finds that elephants dilate their nostrils in order to create more space in their trunks, allowing them to store up to 5.5 liters of water. They can also suck up three liters per second — a speed 30 times faster than a human.

Chung Kim, Academic Program Coordinator II, Biology

Biological Sciences’ Chung Kim shares about her experiences growing up in Korea and the U.S., fostering community and inclusivity with colleagues and kids, celebrating culture and diversity, and continuing the conversation on racial justice and equity.

(Credit: CDC)

School of Biological Sciences’ Jeffrey Skolnick and Hongyi Zhou are part of an award-winning NIH effort to create innovative, AI-powered platforms for discovering new pain management drugs — and identify immediate solutions

Itchy Skin Researchers

Georgia Tech has uncovered differences in itch on hairy versus non-hairy skin that could lead to more effective treatments for patients with persistent skin itching.