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Georgia Tech's Neuroscience Club in Adam Decker's anatomy class. (photo taken pre-Covid)

School of Biological Sciences’ Adam Decker led the initiative to add cadaveric specimens to anatomy courses at Georgia Tech. With rapidly growing classes and labs, he’s looking at how technology, training can complement hands-on anatomy.

Bees 01

Georgia Tech’s Urban Honey Bee Project is a research program focused on the impact of urban habitats on honey bees.

Devika Singh

Ph.D. student Devika Singh, winner of inaugural Borodovsky Prize as the top Bioinformatics graduate student of 2021, also completed her B.S. and M.S. at Georgia Tech. The award will help Singh continue her genomics studies.

Artist rendering of early Earth (Photo credit: NASA)

A new study is taking the air out of a hypothesis linking early Earth’s oxygenation to larger, more complex organisms. Georgia Tech researchers report a more complex effect